Winter 24 Release

Chill out this winter with Formstack's latest features! We've packed our Winter 2024 Product Release with cool updates to keep your data safe and your forms smoother than a fresh layer of snow
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Winter 24 Release

It's time to unwrap Formstack’s Winter 2024 Product Release—a showcase of new features and enhancements designed to elevate the way you collect and manage data.

This release includes the innovative Formstack Forms Version 4 Migration Tool, designed to effortlessly transition your existing forms to our latest and most advanced platform. Experience the convenience of our new Experience Cloud Save for Later feature, allowing Salesforce users to pause and resume form completion in Salesforce Experience Cloud with ease. We've also enhanced the Forms for Salesforce API, ensuring compatibility with Salesforce NetZero Cloud and extending our commitment to sustainability. Finally, Enhanced Data Security Add-On offers an elevated layer of protection for your account, making advanced security features accessible to more users.

Each feature in this release is thoughtfully developed to simplify your processes, secure your data, and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. Embrace these new capabilities and make this winter a season of efficient transformation for your organization.

Formstack Forms
Formstack Forms Version 4 Migration Tool

The latest upgrade of Formstack is now available! To embrace the enhanced capabilities and ensure access to future updates, it's essential for users to transition their existing forms to this upgraded platform. We're excited to introduce the Migration Tool, now available in all accounts, enabling a smooth and effortless transition at the click of a button.

NOTE: For those utilizing forms with embed codes or custom CSS, transitioning may affect the design and layout. We suggest creating a copy of your form and transitioning the copy first. This approach allows you to preview the changes and ensure everything looks perfect. Should you have any questions or need assistance, our support team and your Customer Success manager are here to help.

Experience Cloud Save for Later

In Q4, we also released Save for Later for forms in Experience Cloud. This new functionality allows users to save their progress on a Salesforce form at any stage. It's especially useful for those dealing with longer forms in environments such as student applications, legal intakes, and financial services onboarding. With this feature, users can return to their forms at their convenience, ensuring a more flexible and user-friendly form completion experience within the Salesforce Experience Cloud.

See it in action! Watch this demo of Save for Later to see how your organization could leverage this feature to improve the form filling experience for your end users.

Forms for Salesforce API Upgrade

We have updated our Forms for Salesforce API, significantly enhancing its compatibility with Salesforce NetZero Cloud. This upgrade is a strategic step towards better integration and functionality within the Salesforce ecosystem, ensuring that your forms work seamlessly with Salesforce's latest technologies and services. The API upgrade is an essential development for users who rely on Salesforce for their operations, providing a more robust and efficient connection between Formstack and Salesforce platforms.

Want to learn more? Check out this webinar where Formstack partnered with Salesforce, Carabiner Group, Agile Cloud Consulting, and Provisio, explore the ways Formstack Forms for Salesforce can be leveraged within Salesforce to streamline your workflows, enhance customer interactions, and propel your business forward.

Formstack Workflows
Enhanced Data Security Add-On

The Enhanced Data Security Add-On introduces a set of advanced security features to your account, designed to provide an extra layer of protection for your data. This add-on includes tools like user activity logging and SMTP requirements for email sending, ensuring a secure environment for your data transmission. It also incorporates selective integrations with platforms like Stripe and Salesforce, along with stringent email protocols and API security measures, to safeguard sensitive information. This add-on is ideal for organizations seeking to implement robust data security practices without the need for specialized compliance plans.

Don’t let efficiency melt away!

Ensure your data and forms are cool, collected, and secure with our latest features. Embrace these updates for a smoother workflow all winter long.
Got questions? Our team is ready to help you navigate this winter wonderland of updates. Get in touch, and let's make this winter the best one yet for your data management!

Formstack Forms for Salesforce

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