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The Best eSignature Software, According to Real Users

Lindsay McGuire
December 6, 2019
Min Read

If you're still mailing, faxing, or scanning forms and documents to collect signatures, it's time for an upgrade. Adding an electronic signature tool can save your organization time, money, and hassle, but note that not all eSignature software products are created equal.

It's important to do thorough research when choosing an eSignature product for your business. Websites like G2 (the number 1 website in the world for business-software reviews) make the selection process easier. With thousands of real user reviews of more than 50 eSignature software options, you can quickly see who’s rated the highest.

We're not ones to brag, but Formstack Sign (formerly InsureSign) is the eSignature tool with the highest overall rating on G2 of all electronic signature tools. Our combination of ease of use, quality support, and simple setup set us apart from the competitors.

But don't just take our word for it. Here are three side-by-side comparisons of Formstack Sign vs. a few of our better-known competitors (all based on real user reviews):

Formstack Sign vs. DocuSign

Formstack Sign vs. RightSignature

Formstack Sign vs. HelloSign

What is it about Formstack Sign that inspires that top-of-the-charts ranking?

Our setup process is more seamless.

At Formstack, we know your time is precious, so we’ve made sure adopting and implementing our software is quick and seamless. When it comes to ease of setup, our users gave us a 97% rating—much higher than our competitors DocuSign (85), RightSignature (92) and HelloSign (93).

Formstack Sign setup process compared to other esignature software

Our interface allows you to set up and send your first document for signing in minutes. Since there’s no download required with Formstack Sign, your account itself can be up and running in seconds.

Upon sign-up, we’ll connect you with dedicated customer assistance to helping you navigate the setup process. Our service team will be with you for the long haul and won’t disappear after you’re up and running (but more on that below).

We think Jeff G. summed up our ease of setup pretty well when he said:

“I like the slimmed down, ease of use interface. I feel like it is self explanatory so that it doesn’t take hardly any training for a brand new user to feel comfortable using…”

Our customer support is award-winning.

Customer happiness is one of our top priorities, which has helped us rank as the No. 1 eSignature software for customer relationships. Our support team is constantly attuned to customer needs; in fact, our biggest innovations often come from user suggestions.

Users gave our quality of support a 97 percent rating—11% higher than DocuSign. Overall, our “ease of doing business with” score is an industry-high 99%.

Great customer service can go a long way. For many of our customers, this is one area that sets Formstack Sign apart from the competition. One company administrator had this to say in a recent review:

“The communication from the top down with the company has been wonderful. They are always helpful. They encourage us to give them feedback and actually listen to what we have to say. If there has ever been an issue they have always been on top of it…”

Our eSignature software is the easiest to use.

Setup isn’t the only thing that’s effortless with Formstack Sign. Users have named us an industry leader in usability time and time again, and we outrank all three major competitors in document creation, ease of use, and ease of administration.

Our interface is incredibly straightforward, so your employees and customers can navigate the three-step process (setup, send, sign) with ease.

Formstack Sign ease of use compared to other esignature software

Here’s what Larry O. had to say about his experience using Formstack Sign:

“We selected it because of its ease to use and price. My customers have absolutely no problems eSigning our documents…. So far, none of my customers have called to say they couldn’t log in and complete the eSigning steps… Great product that I would highly recommend!”

We continue to innovate.

We offer time-saving innovations that are the simplest to use on the market.Our suite of innovative features ensures that you won’t just get your documents signed; you’ll also save time and make your customers’ lives easier.

Whether it’s access to signing on mobile devices, mass signature collection, or helpful add-on features like reminders and expirations, Formstack Sign outperforms DocuSign, HelloSign, and RightSignature in it all.

Formstack Sign innovative features compared to other esignature software

We also offer our users additional features designed to save you even more time:

    Text-message signing:
    Enhance the customer experience by reaching your customers via whichever medium is most convenient for them — including SMS messaging.
    Redirect your customers:
    Secure more social media likes or service reviews by choosing which site your customers are directed to after finishing the signing process.
    Gmail and Outlook integration:
    Connect your Gmail and Outlook contacts to Formstack Sign for quick document sending.
    Reusable forms:
    Secure signatures in your sleep by creating a reusable form that can be filled out and signed over and over again by an unlimited number of signers.

In the end, it really all boils down to overall performance and reliability, an area in which our customers gave us a near-perfect 97% rating (compared to our competitors’ scores in the low 90s).

Customer Carlynne F. put it this way:

“There is nothing that I dislike with this product. It is very easy to use and has become a profitable investment for the company. The customers love it.”

Interested in learning more about how we stack up against DocuSign, HelloSign, Right Signature, or other eSignature products? Use G2's eSignature software comparison chart now to compare Formstack Sign to any eSignature tool.  

If you're looking for a simple-to-use eSignature software that will wow your clients and employees alike, you've found it! See why Formstack Sign has more than 200 5-star ratings on G2.


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Lindsay McGuire
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